What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a certificate issued by a conformity assessment organization. It represents the formal recognition of an organization's competence to carry out specific tasks.
Its purpose is to guarantee the technical reliability of laboratory examinations; this accreditation covers the technical and managerial conditions of the organization.
The certificate of conformity is issued in France by the French Accreditation Committee, COFRAC.

Implementation of a quality organization

The implementation of quality within Praxea requires the permanent and complete involvement of the whole team to respect a quality policy, with quality objectives in accordance with the NF EN ISO 15189 standard.
This policy defines the strategic axes for improvement, and the objectives guiding our quality approach.

Policies, processes and procedures are documented and shared with all staff. Documents are controlled and reviewed at regular intervals to ensure their relevance is maintained.

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Quality management system

The key points of implementing a quality management system are based on:

  • • Management's commitment as part of a real quality approach
  • • Definition of quality policy and objectives
  • • Identification of key processes and how they interact
  • • Management through processes
  • • Considering all the requirements of ISO 15189
  • • The training and involvement of the staff
  • • The evaluation of the objectives achievement and quality policy
  • • Continuous improvement for customer satisfaction

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Confidentiality control

Confidentiality is "ensuring that information is only accessible to those who are authorized to access it". It is an ethical principle in our professional environment.
By providing us with information about you, you help us to ensure your care for preventive and diagnostic activities.
Praxea is therefore subject to a safety obligation: we are committed to taking all appropriate measures to ensure a sufficient level of security and confidentiality of the data processed.
Data integrity, as well as respect for the confidentiality of personal, medical and social data, are guaranteed to all patients.
Patient data are only transmitted to health professionals in charge of the patient, or designated by him, and only under conditions, to social security agents.
Our team members are bound by a strict confidentiality clause.